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since 1971

Dominic and Palmina Fraboni arrived in Hibbing Minnesota from the Ancona Region of Italy in the early 1900’s . They opened a Family Grocery/Deli where they and their 3 children, Leo, Angelo, and Rose helped run the family business.  Leo remained in Hibbing and opened a Meat distribution business.  Rose helped out with the family business in Hibbing and Angelo ventured to Madison, WI.


In 1971, Angelo bought a local grocery store and began his own family business with his wife Gloria. All of Angelo’s children worked in the business at one time or another. Eventually, two of his sons, Garry and Steven took over operation of the business (via sarah). In 1986, they opened another location in Monona.


Today, Steven and Garry run this 3rd generation business with their siblings and children.  Dante Fraboni, youngest of the Fraboni brothers, is a successful artist in Tucson, AZ. He produces fine work in Iron, Stone, Glass & Wood and is always a big hit at Madison’s Art Fair on the square.

I'm a description

Hibbing Store – Early 1900’s

I'm a description

Angelo, Gloria and Steven, Garry

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