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The Fraboni Family are proud supporters for the fight to cure MS! We run our donation drive yearly, all culminating with the Fraboni’s own Porketta Pedalers bike team riding a two-day 150-mile bike ride in support of MS. Our team consists of about 20 riders, all friends and family and dedicated to finding a cure.


Interested in helping? Become a donor! Click the logo above to visit our team website and donate! You can also find further information on the Porketta Pedalers and who’s on the team!

In addition, members of the team also participate in smaller MS rides throughout the state. Frabonis also donates to local churches, schools and libraries. You can help even by stopping in and shopping at Frabonis! Fill out a raffle ticket up at the register and enter to have a chance to win a Faboni’s shopping bag full of delicious goodies and snacks. We hold the raffle every couple weeks, and all money raised goes directly to the Wisconsin chapter of the MS Society. All the funds raised will go to Wisconsin related needs and support, and the money will stay within the state. Last year, we raised over $500! In the fall, our raffle donates money to the St. Stevens Food Pantry.


Fraboni’s is also an active participant of the Monona business community. A member of the Chamber of Commerce, we work with local businesses in promoting our products together, in an effort to put Monona on the map.

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