How to order and pick-up


  • View the Patio Pick-up Menu below and write down what you would like.

  • We are open for walk-in business Monday-Friday from 10am-7pm, Saturday from 10am-6pm and Sunday from 10am-5pm.

  • Patio pick-up is available Thursdays from 10am-7pm (or by special request).

  • Check our facebook page for daily specials and featured products!


Call us at 608-222-6632 to place your order Monday-Sunday between 9am-3pm

  • Before you call, have a desired pick-up time on Thursday in mind

  • Pick-up is available between 10am-7pm on Thursdays (or by special request).

  • We will do our best to fulfill your order in a timely manner (24-hours notice is much appreciated)


Provide the following information when you order:

  • Your full name and phone number

  • Your desired pick-up date and time

  • Make, model and color of vehicle doing the pick-up

  • Credit card number, expiration date, and zip code from the card's billing address. 
    Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards accepted.


Pick-up your order

  • Arrive as close to the pick-up time as possible. 

  • Pull straight into a stall so we can see your license plate.

  • When you arrive, open your trunk, have your ID ready to press up against the driver’s side window so we can confirm your identity for all orders (not just those containing wine). A driver’s license is required for wine purchases.

  • We’ll come out and deliver your order. If we aren’t out within 5 minutes, give us a call at 608-222-6632.


Take your food home and enjoy!

Please click the menu images to open a downloadable PDF.

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Fraboni's Deli

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